About us

Tomasz Ruszkowski. Biologist, science communicator, educator, trainer, freelancer. 3rd prize winner at “Science Me! 2018” European Science Show Competition. Laureate of the "Nordic Science Centre Forbund award for outstanding performance 2015". Science demonstrator in the Copernicus Science Centre. He has performed at festivals in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Since 2010, he has conducted over 1,400 science shows and 600 workshops. He worked over 1,000 hours as a science busker. From 2016, he gave 98 lectures and conducted 100 hours of educational trainings.

Paweł Jaskólski. Archaeologist, science communicator, educator, trainer - a man of many talents. 3rd prize winner at “Science Me! 2018” European Science Show Competition. Since 2010 he cooperates with the Copernicus Science. At the beginning as a science shows demonstrator, now as a trainer in (lit.) “School Closer to Science” program. He performed at festivals in Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Poland, Serbia and Switzerland. From 2010, he conducted over 1,400 science shows and 750 workshops. Worked over 1000 hours as a science busker. From 2015, he delivered 72 lectures and conducted 150 hours of educational trainings.

Heweliusze Nauki - Science communication company that performs at festivals, picnics, universities, schools, etc. founded by Tomasz Ruszkowski and Paweł Jaskólski. It was born of our passion for popularizing science on September 2015. From that time we create the team "Heweliusze Nauki". The distinctive feature of our shows, lectures and workshops is interaction with participants, varied dynamics, care for the clear and interesting transfer of knowledge and the concern for safety.

We performed

We have gained experience by cooperating with science communicators from: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine and USA.

We performed at: Science Me! 2018 European Science Show Competition – Switzerland, Science in the City 2018 - Malta, Iliauni Science Picnic 2018 – Georgia, Festival nauke 2017, 2018 - Serbia, Znanstival 2016, 2017, 2018 – Slovenia, Sofia Science Festival 2018, Researchers Night Festival 2014, 2015, 2017 – Estonia, L’Isola di Einstein 2016 - Italy, Science Show International Cup 2015 – Estonia, Znastveni Piknik 2013 – Croatia, and at numerous science festivals in Poland.

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