Science Busking

„Science Busking” The word "busker" means "street artist". Using simple props, an educator performs easy but often very surprising experiments. The great advantage of Science Busking is mobility and ability to get into close interaction with the participants.

We do not need the actual scene here as we use a whole surrounding for our shows. The educator moves around the festival and engages people around. Interaction is essential and customized for each individual. Direct contact with science is commonly well received in every age groups.

We have been practicing Science Busking since 2010. We evaluated and trained animators of the "Kopernik na Kółkach" (lit. Copenicus on wheels) program at the Copernicus Science Center. We participated in two trainings conducted by David Price from Science Made Simple. We improved our skills at science festivals in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia.


Science Busking – Festiwal Fabryka Światła 2017

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