Science Shows

Science shows lasting 30-40 minutes. A story told by experimenst. Knowledge served in an interesting and interactive way. Ideal entertaiment for festivals, picnics or company events.


SSA field agents are on a mission to recruit new Science Educators. Reveling secrets of their job, agents provide series of tasks and experiments with the audience. Testing perceptiveness, multitasking, concentration, stress tolerance and many more. You may think it is a funny and easy job, but will you be able to pass the test? Are you good enough to join the Secret Science Agency? Visit our station and check on your own!

Secret Science Agency is back in time! This year, agents are planning a mission into space. Because it is not a one-man job, they need your help! Together with the audience they will develop a proper space rocket. Working out what need to be done to shoot it off the Earth. Next comes dangers of space vacuum, low temperatures, radiation and many more! How to protect the space ship and astronauts? Finally, how long the journey can take and what to expect at the end of it.

Have you ever wonder how a science show is prepared? Well you are about to find out! Together with the audience we will go through main parts of a science show. Together we will decide how to start and how to end the show. How to encourage the audience to participate in the show and how to work with a volunteer. We will choose narration and story to be told. At the end, we will gather all the ideas and improvise a science show. Be not only an audience member, be a co-writer of the scenario!

In this show props don’t matter. It is the matter itself that matter! Confused? Don’t worry, we will work it out! Without any equipment, using only audience we will talk about particles, atoms, elements and more. From the smallest parts of our World to the expansion of the Universe. Feel the electric charge, make a chemical bond or, if you want to, start a chain reaction. Warning! This show is conducted on living audience.

Attention! How is it possible that we can stand straight? Evolution has provided us with many useful tools, but everything started with an upright posture and mobility. Muscles, bones, joints - it all works in us like a perfect machine. How to set them all in motion? What drives them? How does a human work?

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